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Can I sleep with a lumbar brace?

Waist support is to protect our waist, we should pay special attention to protect our waist in some daily activities, such as lifting heavy objects when it is easy to strain the waist, and some professions are easy to appear lumbar muscle strain and other waist problems, this time you can use waist support to help us improve the discomfort of the waist, then waist support can be worn when sleeping?

Can you wear waist support when you sleep

It is not necessary to wear waist protection when lying in bed, as the waist is not affected when lying flat or without longitudinal compression of the vertebra. But when sitting down or getting up, you need to wear it to protect the lumbar spine and limit lower back movement. Usually, it is best to moderately relax the waist, pay attention to rest and relaxation, do not be too tired, you can try to sleep on a hard bed, and need to recover slowly.

Lumbar muscle strain with waist protection sleep good

For people suffering from lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation, they can wear lumbar protection devices at night to relieve and treat these symptoms to a certain extent.

People with psoas muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation are best to sleep on a hard bed with lumbar spine support, proper massage and pay attention to rest. Soft mattresses are not conducive to recovery.

People in good health can also wear waist protection, but it is not necessary. Wearing waist guards for long periods of time may lead to chronic dehydration of the body, which can have adverse effects on health.

When should I wear a waist guard

For people who need to stand and stand for a long time, such as drivers, office workers, salespeople wearing high heels, etc., it is recommended that you wear your waist when sitting or standing, because often sitting or standing for a long time, the waist posture is unconsciously bent, and it is easy to get sick due to strain. For patients who already have symptoms of low back pain, it is recommended that they wear a lower back support, as long as they are not lying in bed. In general, it is appropriate to wear the waist for 3 to 6 weeks, and the longest use time should not exceed 3 months.

This is because during the onset, the protective effect of the lumbar protector can rest the lumbar muscles, relieve muscle spasms, promote blood circulation and promote disease recovery. However, its protection is passive and effective for a short time. If the waist brace is used for a long time, it will reduce the opportunity for waist muscle exercise and reduce the formation of waist strength. The psoas muscles will gradually begin to atrophy, which will cause new damage.

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