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How do posture correctors work

The use of lumbar spine orthotics is mainly to relax the waist before wearing, and check whether the lumbar spine orthotics are tight and suitable after wearing, and whether there is any clamp between the skin and the lumbar spine orthotics. In addition, the type of lumbar spine orthotics to wear also needs to depend on the patient's condition.

Generally speaking, before wearing lumbar orthotics, it is necessary to relax the waist, relax the muscles, facilitate the adjustment of the restraint of lumbar orthotics, can choose to wear in bed, when using the lying position, the waist does not need to bear the force, in a relatively relaxed state. After wearing, it is necessary to get up and exercise moderately to check whether the loop is firm and whether it is loose. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether there is any skin compression.

If there is pain, cyanosis of the skin, muscle weakness, etc., it is often suggested that the lumbar orthosis is too tight and needs to be removed immediately.

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